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Orna RPG Other Realms Content Makes A Return!

The frosty and much-loved Orna RPG Other Realms event is coming back just in time for the Holidays! Players will be transported to the Snowy Fields of Lyonesse.

Read the official announcement for Orna RPG Other Realms on Twitter!

The developers have announced the portal to Lyonesse—and its snowy landscape will open 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, on the 1st of December.

Players will be in for 24 hours worth of Raids and World Boss content once they arrive in Lyonesse! The developers bid the players, “may the loot drops be ever in your favor.”

For any adventurers looking to upgrade their gear in Orna, or even just level-up—this is a perfect time. The event should be a great way to get new loot and gain XP.

It seems like the developers also have plans to bring the Other Realms to Hero Of Aethric. It’s the standalone RPG set in the Orna universe.

It features similar gameplay, and also has a co-op mode! So you can adventure, battle, and even do dungeons with friends.

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