MH Now Revenue statistics are up in October, bringing in over $31 Million last month. This puts it just behind Pokémon GO’s revenue for that month.

Monster Hunter Now has also reached another massive milestone. In just over a month, it’s also broken 10 million downloads.

Data on MH Now Revenue in October comes courtesy of AppMagic, but we’ve also cross-referenced it with other sources – including Sensor Tower. iOS users made up a majority of the revenue, coming in at $20 million.

Niantic (with Capcom) might just have caught lightning in a bottle again with Monster Hunter Now. It’s only just behind Pokémon GO’s $43.2 million, and the future is starting to look bright. This puts both games in the top 20 grossing mobile games in October 2023.

Pokémon GO’s revenue dipped slightly the past month, by about 6 million according to MobileGamer—whereas Monster Hunter Now is on the rise.

It also helps that MH Now has been hosting events, like the Halloween event, and upcoming updates look packed with new weapons, monsters, and features.

MH Now revenue is looking great for the future of the game… But it might soon have a competitor with Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

Is Japan (and the world) going to be big enough for both games? There is another geolocation mobile RPG on the horizon, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

The game has just dropped a new teaser trailer, with a closed beta set for the UK and Australia. It’ll be launching worldwide in 2024.

Square Enix is already running a successful geolocation mobile RPG in Japan for their other franchise—Dragon Quest Walk. It usually earns around 15-20 million a month in just Japan alone.

It’ll be interesting to see if Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link has an impact on Monster Hunter Now—or if both games can coexist. The biggest pull of Missing-Link seems to be combat and gameplay similar to the console title, and the option to also sit at home and play remotely.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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