Be one of the first people to explore the Orna RPG universe from your couch. The Hero Of Aethric Open Beta is now available for anyone to test!

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For those unaware, this is the standalone game set in the Orna RPG universe. Orna is the titular augmented reality RPG, which we’ve covered previously here.

This news of the Open Beta is coming hot off the original announcement, which details what Hero Of Aethric is all about. The two games are developed by Northern Forge Studios.

Want to join the Open Beta and get exploring the classic, pixel-styled RPG with your friends? You can join the Hero Of Aethric Test Flight (iOS) and Google Play App Testing.

Hero Of Aethric is currently available only for mobile devices—however, the developers have shared interest in additional platforms in the future.

The game is a love letter to old-school RPGs. You’ll find plenty to enjoy, like the retro-styled graphics, turn-based combat, and open-ended gameplay.

Watch the original reveal trailer!

The game is a co-op adventure, so you can grab three other friends and get adventuring! Exploring dungeons, getting new loot, and slaying foes.

Northern Forge Studios is planning to do a full release later this year. Also, Orna fans don’t worry! Both games are being developed separately, so it won’t affect any content updates.

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