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NBA All-World Adidas Pre-Register Bonus Is Available Now!

One size fits all with the new NBA All-World Adidas Sneaker pre-register bonus! They’re perfect for getting a kick-start on the game when it finally releases.

Watch the original announcement on Twitter!

For those unaware, NBA All-World is Niantic’s upcoming title made in partnership with the NBA. It brings Basketball to the augmented reality stage (or better yet, court).

The game has been playable in quite a few regions now as soft-launch testing. It’s perfect for any fans of the NBA and/or basketball.

It’ll have you collecting real-life NBA superstars, creating your own fantasy team, and decking them out with loot—such as the NBA All-World Adidas Pre-Register Sneakers!

NBA All-World Gameplay Screenshots.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the game released in early 2023. For people eager for a new augmented reality game, we suggest checking out Jurassic World Alive! It has a huge update on the horizon.

You can pre-register for NBA All-World on the official website. You can also follow the developers on Social Media for all the latest news on the game.

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