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NewSight Reality will begin public demonstrations for their new display

Image of the TOM in action

NewSight Reality announced they will begin public demonstrations in July for the technology behind their near-eye display.

Their proprietary display is known as the Transparent Optical Module (TOM). It is near-eye and takes a new yet simple approach to augmented reality.

Picture of NewStart Reality's TOM
TOM, Source: NewSight Reality

TOM aims to re-imagine the AR/MR display, combining all the components into a thin, lightweight package.

This news follows the success of a private demonstration. The company will also continue working in collaboration with the United States Special Operations Command to help advance TOM.

NewSight Reality introduces the Transparent Optical Module (TOM)… Say goodbye to traditional optical combiners – no waveguides, no holographic mirrors. Welcome to the future.

The Transparent Optical Module is looking to replace the light and optical engine with its single multi-layer design. It also features low power usage and a long battery life.

Along with this massive milestone achievement, NewSight Reality is seeking for its first round of strategic investment.

The company is aiming to raise $10 to 20 million to help further accelerate the development, marketing and delivery for TOM.

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