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Boz to the Future, a new podcast from Facebook Reality Labs

Screenshot for the Boz to the Future Podcast

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, VP of Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) has started a new podcast series titled Boz to the Future.

On the podcast Bosworth will be talking to a number of technologists and business leaders about “bleeding-edge technology, entertainment, and beyond.”

Boz to the Future is unscripted, and will feature Andrew Bosworth talking to the guests in a free-flowing conversation.

Episode 1 of the podcast is available to listen to now on most streaming platforms. It features special guest FRL VP of Operations Rebecca Van Dyck,

The first episode features Bosworth and Rebecca Van Dyck discussing the challenges FRL faced when building Augmented Reality glasses.

They also discuss the challenges from both a technological and social standpoint. As well as the potential of how augmented reality can change how we interact.

Boz to the Future aims to delve deep into technology, industry trends, media and entertainment. It also aims to provide a unique perspective through interviews with the best and the brightest!

This podcast series has amazing potential. It gives us an insight into the growth of augmented reality directly from the giants and industry leaders.

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