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New MH Now Biomes Coming—Volcano and Snow Environments

Get ready for new MH Now biomes in the future! Dataminers have found two new environments planned for the future—volcano, and snow locations. What monsters would you want to see in them?

Snow and volcano maps have always been a huge part of the franchise, so them being added as new MH Now biomes is no surprise.

MH Dataminer found ‘Volcanic’ and ‘Snow’ listed within the game’s code, alongside the rest of the currently implemented biomes.

This isn’t the only evidence the dataminer has found for new MH Now biomes. They have also found two new gathering nodes, raid points and fishing points—they suspect the fishing points are for the Snow biome.

Every biome has its own unique gathering node, and fishing fits thematically with the Snow zone.

The dataminer says that they would “love to see” the Snow biome added in the December update. They also said it would “make sense” considering the upcoming monsters Niantic plans to add.

You can check out our list of upcoming monsters here. A lot of them would fit a Volcano or Snow biome.

Whilst there hasn’t been any official news or release date for new biomes—it’s all but confirmed. The dataminer hasn’t been wrong yet, and new biomes would be a great way to diversify the game.

For fans of Monster Hunter Now, it looks like Niantic has plenty on the horizon. Aside from new biomes, there’s also new weapon types, events, and even elder dragons planned!

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