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Regional Decor Pikmin Are Here—Starting With Japan!

The times are changing with Pikmin Bloom, starting with the addition of Regional Decor Pikmin. If you’re in Japan, keep an eye out for the Fortune Decor Pikmin!

Just look how cute they are! The Japan Exclusive Fortune Decor Pikmin will be the first Regional Decor Pikmin added to the game.

The developers have said that they’re planning other region exclusive Decor Pikmin to be released in the future, and to “stay tuned”!

Can you imagine cute cowboy Pikmin for The United States, or something like a Dingo or Kangaroo-themed Pikmin for Australia?

You can read more about the launch of the Japan-exclusive Pikmin here. These Pikmin can be found in the vicinity of Shrines and Temples throughout Japan.

The Fortune Pikmin is available for only Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin—and can come in 5 different variations each.

They were fortune-telling paper slips known as “omikuji”. Here’s a little fun fact on what “omikuji” is, and where you can get it!

Physical “omikuji” can typically be purchased at places of worship for a small fee. They can be an indicator of good luck, or even give you information on areas such as love, wealth, among others.

They’re usually written in Japanese, but some popular shrines and temples in Japan also offer them in English! The five different categories for omikuji that you can find for Pikmin include: Daikichi (Great Blessing), Chukichi (Middle Blessing), Shokichi (Small Blessing), Kichi (Blessing), and Suekichi (Future Blessing).

If you’re in Japan, or travelling to Japan—make sure to visit local shrines and temples! Want to know what else Niantic has been up to? Monster Hunter Now has just made $14 million in its first week, and there’s a new Detective Pikachu Event!

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