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Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu Returns—Celebrate It Today!

Come celebrate the Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu Returns event! For a limited time, Pikachu wearing a detective hat will return to the game, along with new quests, and avatar customization.

Check out the new avatar poses as part of the Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu Returns event!

Detective Pikachu Returns is a new game for the Nintendo Switch—a sequel to the original Detective Pikachu game for the 3DS, which also received a live action adaptation.

The event has started, and the Avatar pose will be available in the store starting from October 5th. There will also be a Detective Pikachu Returns Timed Research, that must be completed before October 9th.

There will also be new Field Research Task Encounters, and Wild Encounters. Which you can read more about over on the official event page.

This is exciting news, and it sounds like Niantic is firing on all fronts—with new events planned also for Monster Hunter Now, which brought in over $14 million in its first week.

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