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Monster Hunter Now Revenue—$14 Million In The First Week

Interested in the Monster Hunter Now revenue statistics? The game has earned $14 million in the first week, along with 5 million downloads. Capcom and Niantic are off to a roaring start!

The Monster Hunter Now revenue report shows that most of the purchases came from Japan.

Around 70% of the total number came from Japan—which isn’t too surprising, considering the franchise’s popularity over there.

This report says that $12 million came from iOS users, whilst the other $2 million came from Android.

There was also a huge revenue spike from the in-person event (Diablos Invasion) which happened at the Tokyo Game Show, with that bringing in $1 million alone. This data all comes from Sensor Tower, which is pretty accurate.

Whilst this doesn’t recreate Pokémon GO’s massive first-week revenue, it’s still a strong start for MH Now and makes it Niantic’s second-best launch.

Monster Hunter Now is currently Niantic’s fourth-largest grossing title, and is close to overtaking Pikmin’s Bloom lifetime revenue (which is currently at $20 million) to become third biggest.

This actually makes Monster Hunter Now Niantic’s second-best game for first-week revenue—only just behind Pokémon GO. (Harry Potter: Wizards Unite only earned $3 million in its first week).

It’s great news that Niantic scored a win with MH Now. They recently had to lay off workers, and shut down various titles, including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Marvel World Of Heroes, and NBA All-World.

Playing Monster Hunter Now? A few new events just got announced for November, including a Halloween-themed one! You can learn more over on the official website.

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