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Monster Hunter Now Upcoming Weapons

With over 14 playable weapons in the Monster Hunter franchise, Niantic has a lot to choose from. Are you curious what the Monster Hunter Now upcoming weapons are?

The developers at Niantic/Capcom have already teased the Monster Hunter Now upcoming weapons.

During the TGS interview which we’ve translated, they confirm that they’ll be adding in new weapon types as time goes on.

Niantic also accidentally leaked the addition of dual blades in an upcoming update, too. They accidentally sent out an email newsletter with a picture of dual blades alongside the other weapons that are currently available in-game.

So… Are you curious about what the future weapons might be? Thanks to this user, they have datamined Monster Hunter Now, and it gives us a better idea about what’s in store for us.

  • Dual Blades
  • Lance
  • Charge Blade
  • Gunlance

The dataminer found various references in the code and assets for the above-mentioned weapons. It seems the most likely next addition is Dual Blades, with the other three coming at a later date.

Back on September 22nd, the dataminer even found that they had added in Ore Weapons for Dual Blades and Lance, whilst there was quite a bit of logical code already for Gunlances.

We’re still unsure about the release date of when new weapons will be added—however, there is a massive update coming in December and an event in October.

These would both be great times for Niantic to build up hype and drop a new weapon!

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