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How do you change weapons in Monster Hunter Now?

If you’re looking to get ahead as a hunter, you’re probably wondering—how do you change weapons in Monster Hunter Now? Well, let our team help.

Before you can change weapons in Monster Hunter Now, you need to make sure you’ve unlocked them first.

When you first start out, the game only lets you access the Sword and Shield, until you’ve finished the ‘tutorial.’

As you progress through the game, the next weapon type you’ll unlock is Great Sword, when you complete the first stage of Chapter 2: Shimmering Swamp.

The next four weapons (Hammer, Bow, Light Bowgun, and Long Sword), will unlock when you complete the Great Girros Urgent Quest.

So, wondering how you change weapons in Monster Hunter Now?

  • Open up Monster Hunter Now
  • Click on your weapon (left side of the screen, next to your profile)
  • Click on the new weapon you want to use
  • Select the ‘Equip’ button

Just keep in mind, you need to own the weapon to equip it. If you don’t own the weapon, you will need to craft it first!

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