AugRea is here with some more Monster Hunter Now News for keen hunters! More information about the future of the game, design decisions, and planned content was revealed at the 2023 Tokyo Game Show.

Watch the Monster Hunter Now news yourself—Capcom posted a video of the stage event and presentation.

The stage event at the Tokyo Game Show begins with the developers thanking the crowd and announcer for the chance to be at the event. They also show a short video demonstrating the game, implemented weapons, and monsters.

After this, the developers then delve into upcoming content, the future of the game, and answer the announcer’s questions.

Some tidbits of information we managed to gather include:

  • The developers addressed the difficulty of the Diablos event, explaining that they wanted to show off the powerful monsters, and use it to bring together the community.
  • The developers said they plan to do a Halloween Event in October.
  • There is a Major update coming in December, which will bring in multiple new monsters—they’ve previously teased Zinogre, as well as weapons, weapon types, and seasonal events.
  • There are already a range of small and large events (outside Seasonal events) planned out, however no specific details about it.
  • More events will be held in the future, especially with beginners/new players in mind.*
  • The developers said they put a lot of effort into the graphics, and tried to balance it out with looking gorgeous—whilst not straining battery.
  • Developers believe just because it is a smartphone game, they don’t have to compromise on things from the main series games.
  • Developers state (again), that they will be adding in more weapons and weapon types over time.
  • Large Monsters will be added in the future, one after another.
  • Developers wanted the combat controls to take use of smartphones, with the tapping/flicking/hold down (charge).

There was also a (shorter) interview with the developers that include more Monster Hunter Now news.

  • Developers say that they’re listening to the feedback and ‘voice’ of the players. They are looking at ways to improve the healing system—no specifics mentioned.
  • One of the devs said that they agree there are some moments where they also want an extra potion/need one.
  • Developers have heard the feedback regarding online multiplayer, but state that there are no plans for this.
  • They reiterate that the goal of Niantic’s games are to go out and explore, interacting with the real world and making new friends.
  • Developers want to hear more feedback and opinions from the players, so they can incorporate them into the game.
  • The interviewer asks about layered equipment (transmog/cosmetics). Developers understand it’s important and huge for the players—they are thinking of a plan that includes this. (No confirmation when it will be added).
  • Developers will be making adjustments regarding the ‘high speed’ warning.
  • The team is dedicated to making improvements to the game, and adding to the systems.

This is all exciting Monster Hunter Now news, it shows that the developers are clearly listening to feedback and criticism. It’s also exciting to hear that there’ll be more in regards to future events and content.

We apologise if any of the information might be misquoted. Our team has also cross-referenced the information with other sources for accuracy.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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