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Monster Hunter Now Black Diablos—New Monster, Weapon & Armor!

Get ready for the hunt of your life, with the addition of the Monster Hunter Now Black Diablos! Without even announcing it, the subspecies was added as part of the Diablos Invasion event.

Here’s a great video of the Monster Hunter Now Black Diablos in action, caught by hunter, Goldtistic.

Goldtistic has been crucial to the Monster Hunter Now community, with frequent guides on weapons, collecting, data, and posting it to the Discord Server.

The Black Diablos is a ‘subspecies’ of Diablos, and has appeared before in mainline Monster Hunter games—however, not much is known about it in Now.

Niantic hasn’t commented or mentioned the Black Diablos on their Twitter, or on the official Diablo Invasion event page. Instead, it’s been treated with mystique, and the monster has been shadow dropped!

Exciting, right? For hunters looking to challenge themselves against the Black Diablos – here are a few things to expect:

  • It has better AI compared to the regular Diablos
  • Black Diablos is faster, and has more unique attacks
  • It’s also much tankier than the typical Diablos
  • Black Diablos only spawns as a 5-star and higher.

We’re currently unsure if the Black Diablos is only available for the event, or is here to stay.

Currently, the Black Diablos only spawns during the Diablos Invasion event this weekend, from 1PM to 4PM, your local time.

Niantic or Capcom haven’t commented yet on if the rare monster is here to stay after the event—however, this seems likely, as it brings in new weapons (such as a new bow) and armor to collect.

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