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Monster Hunter Now December Update Announced—Zinogre Teased & New Weapons Types!

At the 2023 Tokyo Game Show, Capcom announced the Monster Hunter Now December Update! Not only did they mention new weapon types, but they also teased Zinogre.

Want to watch the Monster Hunter Now December Update news? We’ve timestamped it in Capcom’s TGS Stream.

During this spotlight, the developers explained that Monster Hunter Now will receive regular seasonal updates. These updates will bring in new monsters, weapons, and weapon types overtime.

Many speculate that one of the next added weapons might be Dual Blades—considering the accidental ‘leak’ in a recent email. There’s no exact date confirmed for the massive update, except that it is slated for December.

The developers also teased the addition of Zinogre to the game, with Zinogre’s roar being heard during the video. Are you excited about the addition of the lightning, fanged wyvern?

Zinogre was first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and has quickly become a fan favourite in the franchise.

Monster Hunter Now will be receiving major updates every 3 months or so, with events and new quests planned in-between to keep things fresh. The first event planned is for this weekend—The Diablos Invasion.

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