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Marvel World Of Heroes Release—Now Available In Australia

The Marvel World Of Heroes release is here… At least for players down under! The game is now available in Australia, following its earlier launch in New Zealand.

Check out the official Australian Marvel World Of Heroes release news on Twitter!

The game was made available as part of a soft launch in New Zealand last month. If it keeps at this rate, it should be a new region every month.

Interested in the game? We’ve done a previous write-up here detailing the character creation. You can also check out the game’s official website to sign-up for full release.

Marvel World Of Heroes is a turn-based RPG with geolocation gameplay similar to Pokémon GO. You create your own hero and patrol your neighbourhood with other superheroes and take on villains.

One villain or goon at a time, you’ll save the multiverse with iconic characters like Spider-Man and Dr Strange. It also features a storyline and a strong comic-like aesthetic.

The gameplay loop is pretty simple. You’ll explore, battle enemies, level up your character, and get better loot. You’ll be able to dress up your character in iconic superhero outfits, and even unlock other heroes to add to your team.

Australian (and New Zealanders) can find the game on the Android Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store.

Some people are reporting issues regarding signing up/logging in with a Google Account. Niantic is still yet to comment.

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