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Monster Hunter Now Beta Invites Have Been Sent Out!

Wondering when the Monster Hunter Now Beta Invites were being sent out? Get ready to jump into a hunt, because Niantic has started sending them out now!

Check out some gameplay screenshots taken from the Japan play test!

The news of the Monster Hunter Now Beta Invites being sent out and referral links come from the Monster Hunter Now Twitter. It’s worth following for the latest updates on the game.

If you haven’t heard, Monster Hunter Now is the newest augmented reality game coming from Niantic in partnership with Capcom. It’ll be an all-new frontier for the franchise, bringing hunting to the real world and phones.

Curious about the game? We’ve translated an interview, and also did a write-up on the gameplay.

The Monster Hunter Now Beta Invites are being sent worldwide in a roll-out fashion. So, if you haven’t been invited just yet, you still might be in the future!

If you have a friend that got in, they’ll also be able to invite you. Originally, there was planned to be about 10,000 beta invites sent out, however this could be increased.

We have the initial tweet below regarding the announcement of the beta invites.

If you’re a huge fan of the Monster Hunter franchise, this game is not to be missed. It looks like a perfect fusion of the classic Monster Hunter gameplay with geolocation elements. Who doesn’t want to hunt down a Rathalos in the streets?

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