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Monster Hunter Now Developers Release New Comments

For those looking forward to Niantic & Capcom’s newest AR RPG, we’ve got some news. The Monster Hunter Now developers have released new comments regarding the game.

These comments come directly from Monster Hunter Series Producer, and the CEO of Niantic. It was released on the MH Now Twitter.

These aren’t the first statements from Monster Hunter series producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, and Niantic CEO, John Hanke, however they are the first released in English.

They’ve previously talked about the game at the Monster Hunter Now reveal presentation, which we’ve translated here. This Q&A between the community and Monster Hunter Now developers reveal a lot about the game, and its future.

These two general comments released on Twitter depict Tsujimoto’s and Hanke’s confidence in the title, the ideas behind the game, and bringing it to the mobile platform.

Capcom is using Niantic’s AR technology to deliver a ‘here and right now’ hunting experience that only Monster Hunter can offer. They also want it to be something fans can play casually, or go hardcore with.

The Monster Hunter Now developers seem extremely confident in the game, and the gameplay looks incredible. The play testers in Japan were also positive about the entire experience.

The game is set to launch later this year worldwide in September. Niantic also has their other game, Peridot, launching later this May.

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