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New Monster Hunter Now Information Revealed From Q&A

So there’s been even more new Monster Hunter Now information revealed through a community Q&A. This information is from a press conference held by Capcom and Niantic.

If you haven’t already, watch the teaser trailer, and check out the original post we did detailing Monster Hunter Now gameplay.

Just a heads-up, the following Q&A is translated from Japanese from Famitsu, so the English may seem awkward, but we’ve edited it to the best of our abilities for clarity.

For those unaware, Monster Hunter Now is a new mobile game coming out. It’s been in development since 2019, and is developed by Niantic in partnership with Capcom. It is set for worldwide release in September later this year.

If you don’t want to read the interview, here is a summed up list of new information:

  • Game is being made to also capture more than just the Monster Hunter audience (kind of like Pokémon GO).
  • The game will be updated with new monsters regularly, as well as new weapons and new weapon types.
  • There currently isn’t any new original monsters planned (at least for the launch).
  • They hope to do something special for Elder Dragons in-game.
  • The game is free-to-play and will feature microtransactions, however, no information on what they’ll be selling.
  • Monsters and rarity of materials will scale according to your Hunter Rank.
  • Multiplayer is limited to 4 players, and only for people nearby (200 meters), however there’s no word yet if there’s anything like Remote Raid Passes.
  • Game started development back in 2019.
  • Game is being developed by the Tokyo-based Niantic team (previously worked on Pikmin Bloom).
  • There will be more resources to collect on the map than just ore. (Eg: Bone mounds).
  • Gyro scope controls in landscape mode, play tester said it reminded them of Splatoon.
  • Monster damage increases depending on the amount of people in the hunt.
  • Items such as potion, steak, etc makes a comeback.

Q&A With Speakers

  • Mr. Ryozo Tsujimoto (Monster Hunter Series—Producer)
  • Mr. Genki Sunano (Producer—Capcom)
  • John Hanke (CEO—Niantic)
  • Chihiro Kanno (Game Director)
  • Tatsuo Nomura (Executive Director)

——Why did Niantic choose Capcom as a partner?

Hanke: The first reason is because my son played so much “Monster Hunter” games, it eventually broke his 3DS (laughs). The other reason is that our excellent employees, including Nomura, enthusiastically explained to us how great Capcom is and how great they are with the Monster Hunter series.

——The “Monster Hunter” series has had the image of expanding the platforms so far, but what kind of impact do you think “Monster Hunter Now” will have on the existing series?

Tsujimoto: The Monster Hunter franchise will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. We’ve received many requests from players for a location-based Monster Hunter game, and I’ve been thinking, “I want to do it with Niantic.” Four years ago, I received an offer from Niantic, and it was decided within five minutes of the start of the presentation [that I wanted to do it]. Niantic is good at location-based games, and we can expect them to expand globally.

I think that location-based games are a genre that many people can play. I would like people who have played Monster Hunter before, as well as those who are not familiar with the series to try it.

——Are there any plans to introduce original monsters in “Monster Hunter Now”?

Tsujimoto: Original monsters probably won’t come out at the time of release, but I don’t think the possibility for original monsters are zero. [Rest hard to translate.]

——Please explain how the payment model for this game will work.

Nomura: This is a free-to-play game, and as such, you can play it without paying any money. However, you can purchase in-game items.

——How many types of weapons will appear in this game? Are there any new weapon types?

Sunano: We are currently in the process of adjusting various things, so I can’t give you a specific number—however we have prepared popular weapon types. We are also planning to add more weapons and types as the game progresses. I would also like to incorporate the opinion of the players.

Tsujimoto: Hammer, please. I only use Hammer.
(Audience Laughs).

——Will mighty monsters like the Elder Dragon appear?

Kanno: I would like to expand on monster hunting in a basic form first. I can’t give you specific details, but I definitely want to do a battle event in the future, where I can show off the Elder Dragons in a cool way.

——In previous Monster Hunter games, the grades of materials such as scales increases as you go up in Hunter Rank, and armor can be strengthened. How will this be implemented in Monster Hunter Now?

Sunano: At the start of the game, you’ll be hunting weaker monsters. However, as the player becomes stronger, you’ll battle stronger monsters. Also, even the same monsters will grow stronger. By doing this, the rarity of the material will increase, and you will be able to use it for better equipment. It’s not quite the same as the mainline series’ games, but I respect the basic way it’s implemented [in Monster Hunter Now].

——Can you tell us about the number of monsters that appear?

Sunano: I can’t answer the specific number of monsters here. I would like to see various monsters from throughout the series in the game. Since this is an update-type (live service) game, the number of monsters will increase consistently. I personally think that after a few years after release, Monster Hunter Now will have the biggest roster of monsters you can hunt.

Other New Monster Hunter Now Information

  • Monsters and resources will change depending on biomes
  • Different resource spots include mining, herbs, stone, and bone mounds
  • As like with the main series’ gameplay, materials are used to upgrade equipment
  • Playing in landscape mode also allows you to use gyro for controls
  • Multiplayer is up to 4 people
  • As the number of players in a hunt increases, so does the damage of the monster
  • The number of weapons at launch was not announced, but in the demo there was only four
  • The light bow gun in the demo had two types of bullets; normal bullets and shotgun bullets
  • The play tester played in landscape mode, and aimed at the monster by tilting the smartphone—said it reminded them of Splatoon.
  • Potions and other edible items are in-game—specifically mentions recovery medicine, and steak that increases your damage
  • The Palico paintball feature can be used in the background (eg: phone in pocket)

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