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New Coin Decor Pikmin Now Available!

Who is feeling money lucky? Because there are some new Coin Decor Pikmin available to find in Pikmin Bloom! Wondering where to get them? Read on.

The New Coin Decor Pikmin seedlings can be found near roadsides, and there are different types to collect.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but these new Decor Pikmin are certainly close. In order to see the new Pikmin, make sure your Pikmin Bloom app is updated.

There is also an Easter Egg event starting next month, in April. If you’re interested in learning more about these new Pikmin, you can read the official website post.

Pikmin Bloom has been getting consistent updates and events, that even match Pokémon GO. Now is as good time as any to jump in and start playing!

It’s also the perfect game to tide you over until Peridot releases later this year in May.

We hope everyone has a great time with these coin-related Pikmin. Don’t forget to walk along roadsides to find them!

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