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Togetic Community Day Coming To Pokémon GO in April 2023!

Don’t have a Shiny Togetic or Togekiss yet? Don’t worry, because the Togetic Community Day is coming to Pokémon GO this April! Get your balls ready.

Togetic is part of the famous Togepi’s evolution line. It evolves into Togekiss.

The Togetic Community Day will be on Saturday, April 15th, and last from 2pm to 5pm local time. During this time, Togetic will spawn more frequently in the wild.

As with other Community Days, the featured Pokémon’s Shiny chances are also increased. There’ll also be a Special Research Story, “Spreading Cheer”.

Here is a list of features from the official post:

  • 2 X Candy
  • 1/4 Hatch Distance
  • Lure Modules & Incense Last 3 Hours
  • Togepi Will Hatch From 2KM Eggs With Higher Shiny Chances
  • One Additional Special Trade Can Be Made
  • Trades Cost 50% Less Stardust

For a full run-down, visit the official Pokémon GO blog post here. For AR gamers and Niantic fans, there’s also Peridot releasing in May to look forward to.

It’s a game similar to Pokémon GO, but has a heavier focus on the interaction between the player and creatures.

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