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Peridot Release Date Announced—Global Launch Is May 9th!

It’s finally coming! The Peridot release date has been announced… And it’s coming soon! The game will be launching globally on May 9th.

Check out the official Peridot Release Date announcement trailer!

This news was announced on Twitter, and the team also took to the official website with a post to detail the launch.

The Peridot release date is May 9th. It’s already out in a few countries, including Australia, as part of soft launch.

If you play during the first two weeks and pre-register for the game, you’ll also receive a launch-exclusive party hat cosmetic!

Here are a few words from David, the Creative Director and founding member of Peridot:

“As a long-time Niantic, I still reminisce about the Summer of 2016 and how magical that was. Was that the closest we ever got to world peace? Maybe. Perhaps though, we can capture some of that again, with Peridot.”

Peridot draws inspiration from games such as Tamagotchi, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for an interactive pet-raising simulator.

It’s more hands-on than Pokémon GO, and you can take your pet (Dots in-game) on walks, and even play fetch!

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest augmented reality launches of the year! Make sure you pre-register for Peridot. You should also keep an eye out for Niantic’s upcoming Marvel World of Heroes, which launches later this year.

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