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JWA Update 2.21 Is Around The Corner—Get Your Jurassic On!

JWA Update 2.21 is coming out, and the first big update of 2023! This is also the year that the game will be celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Read the official announcement on Twitter!

So, what’s new in the JWA Update 2.21? Here’s everything big coming:

The new Jurassic World Alive Update is bringing Isla Boss Battles, new abilities, and creature improvements to the game. Along with that, there’ll also be bug fixes.

Solo Boss battles have been a top Community requested feature since Raids in Update 2.0. The developers are now happy to announce it’s finally coming with Isla Bosses in JWA Update 2.21!

The first Isla Boss event will open on February 15th, so make sure that you’re battle ready and brush up on your Raid strategies!

Several new abilities have also been added to the game, as well as improvements and balancing to current creatures. For a full run-down, head over to the official announcement.

The developers have announced that this update marks the start of 2023, and celebrating their major milestone—The Fifth Year Anniversary.

“This year, we’ll celebrate a major milestone: Jurassic World Alive’s fifth anniversary. We’re far from finished, get ready for a bigger year than ever!”

“We wanted to let you know that in this and future updates, you’ll see a temporary increase in focus on improvements, rebalancing, and creating new, valuable features that address player needs.”

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