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Lunar New Year Pikmin Are Coming—Get Ready For Festivities!

Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and so are the Lunar New Year Pikmin! Put your walking shoes on, and get ready to celebrate the event in Pikmin Bloom!

The Lunar New Year Pikmin event will start on January 21st (0:00) and end on February 5th (23:59) local time.

Last year’s Lunar New Year Pikmin will be making a comeback—and there’ll also be new ones in shiny new ornaments, too!

Here is some information on the event details, you can find a full list on the official Pikmin Bloom website.

  • Special New Year-themed Decor Pikmin
  • Every Event Task you complete will reward a Gold Seedling (with a Lunar New Year-themed Decor Pikmin)
  • Event Tasks will be split into “Easy Tasks” and “Slightly Harder Tasks”
  • The easy tasks will reward the 2022 Decor Pikmin, whilst the harder ones will reward the 2023 ones.
  • For any friend or family member that you invite during the event to play, you’ll receive a Gold Seedling that grows into a 2023 Decor Pikmin

We hope everyone enjoys the event and celebration! If you’re a Niantic fan, there’s also NBA All-World to look forward to this year.

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