Niantic has sent out a reminder that the Pikmin Bloom Pricing Update is coming. It’ll happen on January 18th, and it’ll be affecting the flower petals you can buy in-game.

Niantic will be changing the prices for White, Yellow, Red, and Blue Flower Petals in-game.

You can find out more about the Pikmin Bloom Pricing Update over on the official news post. Here are the changes:

  • White Flower Petals + 200 will cost 120 coins.
  • Yellow Flower Petals + 200 will cost 160 coins.
  • Red Flower Petals + 200 will cost 160 coins.
  • Blue Flower Petals + 200 will cost 200 coins.

The Pikmin Bloom development team follows this up by thanking all the players—and hoping that they’ll be understanding.

This isn’t the first time Niantic has changed the pricing in their titles. They started last year, updating prices and currency changes back in October.

Pikmin Bloom recently celebrated a crossover with Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and its first-year anniversary. Now is a better time than any to check out the game if you haven’t yet!

Niantic also has a few other titles to look forward to this year, including: Peridot, Marvel World Of Heroes, and NBA All-World releasing later this month.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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