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2023 Decor Pikmin Added To Pikmin Bloom—Celebrate New Year!

Celebrate the New Year with the all-new 2023 Decor Pikmin! Limited-time “2023 Glasses” Decor Pikmin will be making their appearance until January 15th.

You’ll be able to find 2023 Decor Pikmin seedlings when you go on walks. They’ll be wearing glasses.

Here is a full list of event details from the official website:

  • When you go on walks, you will find huge seedlings marked with a “Special Event” icon. These seedlings will grow into “2023 Glasses” Pikmin.
  • When you purchase “2023 Glasses” for your Mii in the shop, you will receive a dedicated task. Clearing this task awards a Gold Seedling that grows into a “2023 Glasses” Pikmin wearing glasses in the same color as the one you purchased.
  • All postcards brought back by your Pikmin will feature a special New Year design.
  • You will receive a Gold Seedling that grows into a “2023 Glasses” Pikmin every time someone you’ve invited to Pikmin Bloom joins the app using your referral code.

Just remember when playing the event—you can only have one huge seedling marked “Special Event” in your inventory at any given time.

The special, 2023 Glasses Pikmin is also available for all 7 types of Pikmin – Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Rock, and Winged.

Now is a great time to jump into Pikmin Bloom. The game has been blowing up like crazy, and has been receiving events and updates one after another.

Niantic has also been supporting Pokémon GO well, recently announcing the January 2023 Community Day.

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