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Pokémon GO Winter Event—Celebrate The Festive Season

Get ready to celebrate the season of cheer—The Pokémon GO Winter Event Part 1 starts now. It’ll bring in some new and familiar Pokémon, as well as new avatar items and more!

Check out the new Holiday-themed Outfits!

The Pokemon GO Winter Event will be split into two parts. The first part will begin on Thursday, December 15th at 10 AM.

The major features of Part 1 include Mega Glalie making its debut in Pokémon GO. It’ll be part of Mega Raids, and you might even encounter a Shiny one!

There’ll also be the following event bonuses:

  • 50% more XP for winning Raid Battles
  • Trainers can store up to 40 Gifts until the end of the event.

There will also be a $5.00 USD (or equivalent in your currency) Timed Research event. Complete all the tasks, and you’ll receive an event-themed avatar pose!

There will also be a change in Wild Encounters. This includes a Pikachu wearing a Winter carnival outfit, and the chance for the first-time ever to encounter Shiny Bergmite!

Raids, and 7KM egg hatches with also be changed as part of this event. For a full list of Event Features and changes—head over to the official website.

Winter Holiday Part 1 will run from December 15th to December 23rd, 2022. Part 2 is speculated to start shortly afterward.

Pokémon GO isn’t Niantic’s only game going hard on the Winter events. Pikmin Bloom is even adding in Holiday-themed outfits, too!

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