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NBA All-World Release Date Officially Announced!

The NBA All-World release date has finally been revealed… Turns out, the game is just around the corner! It’ll be released worldwide on January 24th, 2023.

Watch the announcement video on Twitter.

Announced earlier this year, we’ve finally got news for the NBA All-World release date—get your basketballs ready.

The game will be officially released on January 24th, 2023. It’s been in Early Access/Testing for quite some time for select regions, like Australia.

We’ve covered the announcement previously here, which also included some insight into the gameplay. You’ll collect different basketball stars, and create your own team.

This game is officially-licensed and will be receiving plenty of marketing as we draw closer to release. If there’s anything that could recreate the Pokémon GO magic, NBA can.

NBA All-World will be released on the Android and iOS platforms. It’s not too late to pre-register over on the official website.

Niantic promises All-World to “unleash the new era of Hoops.” From our personal experience with the game, it has plenty of content and basketball mini-games to keep you busy.

The developers will also be teaming up with massive shoe brands like Adidas, to bring their sneakers in-game. You’ll be able to deck out your in-game team with digital drip and gear.

We’ll be hard at work the next few weeks getting some launch-day guides ready to go for NBA All-World. If you’re excited about the game, keep an eye out for that. We look forward to shooting hoops with you all!

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