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Mitten Decor Pikmin Making Limited-Time Appearance In-Game

Get cozy and comfortable this holiday season with the Mitten Decor Pikmin! They’ll be appearing for a limited time to celebrate the holidays and snow.

The Mitten Decor Pikmin Will Be Available From December 12th to the 25th.

Here is a list covering the basics of the Mitten Pikmin event:

  • Join Weekly Challenges during the event to receive Gold Seedlings that grow into “Mitten” Pikmin (You won’t receive a seedling if you leave the challenge halfway through)
  • Clear tasks to receive Gold Seedlings that grow into “Mitten” Pikmin. There are a total of 10 tasks, and some are harder than others, but clearing all guarantees you’ll meet all three types of “Mitten” Pikmin: Red, Yellow and Blue. Do give it your best!
  • All postcards brought back by your Pikmin will feature a special Holiday design.
  • You will receive a Gold Seedling that grows into a “Mitten” Pikmin every time someone you’ve invited to Pikmin Bloom joins the app using your referral code.

You can find a full run-down of the event over on the official Pikmin Bloom website. Developers are also urging players to post pictures with any Pikmin they get!

It’s such a great time to jump into Pikmin Bloom. It’s received a marketing push recently, and just celebrated its first-year anniversary!

If you’re a long-time Pikmin Bloom gamer, we recommend checking out Orna RPG. It’s a nice RPG spin on the familiar geolocation-styled gameplay.

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