Ball Keychain Decor Pikmin has been added in the latest update! You can find these adorable, keychain-themed cuties in Pikmin Bloom when you’re at a sports stadium.

Read the official update announcement!

These new Ball Keychain Decor Pikmin are releasing to celebrate all-things sport—and most specifically, the FIFA World Cup. Even if football isn’t your thing, you can agree they look cute!

You’ll be able to find the Seedlings for these Decor Pikmin at-and-around stadium. The keychains will even include the name of the stadium you found them, and the date!

It’s like a cute, virtual souvenir for any game or event that you attend. So, keep an eye out for them! Want to learn more? Head over to the official Pikmin Bloom website.

The official website also has some fun Football/Soccer-themed trivia to commemorate the release of these Pikmin.

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Most recently, Pikmin Bloom just finished celebrating its First Anniversary. It’s been incredible seeing the community come together, and the support Niantic is still offering the game.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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