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TWD Our World Shutdown Coming—The Walking Dead CAN Die.

It’s been announced—TWD Our World shutdown. Next Games will be sunsetting the game, with all services closing on January 31st next year. Turns out, The Walking Dead can die after all.

The developers lead the announcement with, “It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the difficult decision to sunset TWD: Our World.”

This news is honestly devastating. Our World was one of the few augmented reality games that survived past the pandemic—where geolocation titles were being shutdown left and right.

We saw the loss of so many titles, from Minecraft Earth, Catan World, and the much-loved Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

When does the sunset happen? How long is left?

  • Starting November 24th, 2022, all in-app purchases have been disabled.
  • The game will be playable until January 31st, 2033, which is when all services will be completely shutdown.

There’ll also be a range of other changes happening to the game due to the sunset. Such as discontinuing events, increasing mission rewards, and more.

You can read through a complete list of changes for the sunset in the official announcement. There’s also a detailed FAQ if you have any questions.

If you’re still looking for some on-the-go zombie action—Next Games’ The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is still up-and-running. They’re also offering free rewards to any players from Our World, just redeem the code “OW2022” in the game.

The developers announced the reason for the shutdown was because the game’s performance has been declining— “After evaluating the game’s performance throughout the years, it was determined that TWD: Our World has come to the end of its life cycle.”

It’s always such a shame to see an augmented reality game close. Our World had a fresh take on the geolocation formula, and the action combat will be missed.

If you’re looking for an AR game to fill the void, we recommend checking out The Witcher: Monster Slayer. It also features action-based combat, and has nice RPG elements.

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