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Orna RPG December Update Out Now! New Daily Rewards And More.

The Orna RPG December Update has been released! It includes new daily rewards and guess what? It’ll also be shaking content up with some adjustments.

Check out the update announcement on Twitter!

If you’re interested in seeing a full rundown of the Orna RPG December Update, there’s a changelog on Reddit.

Along with the quality of life updates and changes to the Daily Rewards—there have been adjustments to gear and items.

The developers have said they’ve prepared this patch to shake things up with:

  1. Making the December Scruug content competitive with Orna’s modern offerings.
  2. Bringing some new utility to some lesser-used existing items.
  3. Improving some gear variety in the early game.

This will all be done by rebalancing current items, and also what’s offered in the Monthly Daily Rewards system.

The major changes coming to the Daily Rewards system are (starting December 1st):
  1. Including only 8 days until the final reward.
  2. No longer being tied to a month – they can roll over if you start your journey late in the month.
  3. Players no longer having their progress reset until a period of inactivity has been reached.
  4. No longer having their progress reset on a tier change.
  5. Being unique to each player.

The developers state these changes are much needed, and listened to community feedback for this. There have also been changes to quest and content items.

Wanting to play something similar to Orna? The developers have released a non-augmented reality RPG in the same universe, Hero of Aethric.

Gameplay screenshots for Hero of Aethric.

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