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Take The Pikmin Bloom Personality Quiz! What Flower Are You?

Find out which flower you are! Take the Pikmin Bloom Personality Quiz today. Best of all? It’s just a five-question quiz, so you’ll blast through it and get back to your game!

Check out our results from the Pikmin Bloom Personality Quiz!

Want to find out what Pikmin Bloom flower you are? You can take their personality quiz to find out!

The developers are hoping to enhance their gameplay experience, by having you walk around and plant your flower! This should make the experience more personal.

Pikmin Bloom has recently been seeing a huge push in marketing. With the game showing up in Nintendo’s Direct (a year after release).

It’s also been recently celebrating its First Anniversary. Currently, the game is also doing a crossover event with Pikmin 3 Deluxe Edition!

The First Anniversary brought in new Snack Decor Pikmin to collect. The game has been going strong, and a success for both—Nintendo and Niantic.

With that being said, Niantic still has other games coming out on the horizon, too. Such as the Marvel Superhero AR Game, and NBA All-World!

Haven’t played Pikmin Bloom yet? It’s pretty incredible, and a nice change of pace from other augmented reality games out there. You should give it a go!

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