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Peridot Beta in Denmark! Download the Game Now.

Niantic has launched the Peridot Beta in Denmark! Players in the region will be able to download the game, and get to raising their new magical creature!

Check out the official announcement!

This news is coming hot off Peridot announcing a brief maintenance mode. The developers are gearing up for a global launch, and adding in community feedback.

The game is now available in a range of different regions, including the Philippines, and Norway. Hopefully, the worldwide release isn’t too far off!

Want to learn more about Peridot? Head over to the official website! The Peridot Beta in Denmark is available for download for both Android and iOS.

It’s one of the newest titles announced by Niantic, alongside Marvel: World Of Heroes. For fans of the Pokémon GO Buddy System, Peridot will offer deeper pet-level simulation and interaction.

Fingers crossed, the game releases before the end of 2022. Otherwise, we’re looking at a worldwide launch hopefully in early 2023.

Niantic’s other games, World Of Heroes and NBA All-World are also looking to launch next year.

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