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Orna Boosts Spawns For Giants And Titans Event

The developers behind the iconic GPS RPG are making some adjustments! Orna boosts spawn for the Giants and Titans event.

Check out the official tweet!

These changes are being made, so you can get to summoning world bosses and raids quicker in-game. What’s not to love about faster content?

This also means more rewards! You’ll be able to slay the event mobs faster, and run content with your friends!

The Of Giants and Titans event has been in Orna have been running for quite a while now. We’ve previously covered the event here.

The developers behind Orna have been hard at work. They’ve also released a new RPG set in the same universe, Hero of Aethric.

However, the big difference is that Hero of Aethric is just your usual RPG. You can play it from the comfort of your own home! It allows Orna fans to experience the world in a brand-new way!

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