Peridot maintenance mode has begun, as Niantic’s newest augmented reality game gears for a worldwide release. It’s a pet-raising title similar to Tamagotchi!

Check out the official announcement trailer for Peridot!

The news of Peridot maintenance mode first broke out on the developer’s Twitter. It’ll begin on November 9th, and last a short period as they improve on the game.

Want a full breakdown of what the maintenance period means? In the latest Dot-veloper Diary, you can read all about the team’s insights and upcoming updates.

The game has been out for quite some time in Malaysia, Singapore, and Norway! Not sure what Peridot is about? Read all about it here.

It’s been quite some time since the last news drop for Peridot, so a new Dot-veloper Diary is welcome! The developers are “doubling” their efforts, to make the game more engaging and fun.

The biggest changes happening as part of the Peridot Maintenance Mode includes removing the Nests system and Windchimes.

They’re also adding in more clarity around how breeding Peridots work. As well as adding more meaningful/engaging ways to interact with your magical pets.

There’ll also be more rewards for progressing your level in-game. Hopefully, we should be seeing the game worldwide soon!

This marks the version 0.25 release of Peridot. Any Soft Launch players who have stuck with the game during this period will receive 5,000 Peridough (newly branded “Gemstones”) which are the game’s in-game currency.

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