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Pokémon GO Amazon Prime Bundles #12—Don’t Forget To Claim Them!

Celebrate Halloween the right way in-game with the Pokémon GO Amazon Prime Bundles! Don’t forget to join up and claim them! Free in-game loot every month.

Niantic Urges Trainers To Claim This Month’s Prime Gaming Bundle!

October 2022 marks the 12th month of Pokémon GO’s teaming up with Amazon for the Prime Gaming Bundles.

This month’s Pokémon GO Prime Bundle include:

  • 20x Ultra Balls
  • 5x Max Revive
  • Super Incubator

Not sure where to claim the Pokémon GO in-game content bundle? Head over to the official Twitch Prime website! Once you claim the bundle, they give you a code to redeem in-game.

The Amazon Prime Bundles are a great way to top up on Pokéballs, and also nab other extras. The Super Incubator this month, particularly, will be helpful for avid egg hatchers!

Niantic and the Pokémon GO development team have been hard at work. Not only did they team up with Amazon, but the Taipei Safari Zone event just started!

On top of that, fans have the Teddiursa Community Day to look forward to next month. The Ultra Balls from the bundle will come in handy for sure!

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