Miss out on the original Hoopa Elite Raids? Well, don’t worry! Pokémon GO Elite Raids are coming back this year as part of the Season Of Light events!

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Not sure what an Elite Raid is? You can read all about it on the Pokémon GO blog! They’re a new, special type of raid with 24-hour timers!

Elite Raids are supposed to be a challenging variety of Raid Battles. They appear from special Raid Eggs, which take 24 hours to hatch!

Keep in mind, the Raid Bosses from these eggs only appear for 30 minutes—they can also only be battled in person! So, you’ll need to grab your friends and face down your foes together.

For the upcoming Season Of Light event, the Pokémon GO Elite Raids will feature Hoopa Unbound! Just remember, you can’t participate in these using Remote Raid Passes.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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