Get ready for a Spook-tacular October with the Pikmin Bloom Halloween Event! There’ll be plenty of challenges, special Pikmin to collect, and costumes!

Read the official Pikmin Bloom Halloween Event announcement!

The Halloween Event starts on October 14th, 2022, 0:00AM Local Time! This event will be split into two parts, with the second beginning on the 24th (Monday).

The entire event will end on the 31st (Monday), when Halloween does! Fitting right? Want a full rundown of the event? Check out the official Pikmin blog post.

These special Halloween Pikmin are known as the “Jack-O’-Lantern” Decor Pikmin. They’ll be for a limited time only, so if you want one—get walking!

Along with that, most of the tasks associated with the event will be based on planting flowers. So, make sure to turn that one whenever you’re out!

This will also reward you with Gold Seedlings! Which will grow into either Purple, White, Rock, or Winged “Jack-O’-Lantern” Decor Pikmin.

Clearing your daily Mushroom Tasks can also result in Gold Seedlings! However, their Gold Seedlings will give you either Blue, Yellow, or Red “Jack-O’-Lantern” Decor Pikmin.

Along with this, they’re also earnable from the in-game weekly challenges! There will also be three kinds of special Halloween Postcards to collect!

Pikmin Bloom is genuinely one of the best—if not the top augmented reality/geolocation title. We recommend the game wholeheartedly, and now is the best time to jump in!

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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