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Finally, PlayStation Exclusive Marvel’s Iron Man VR on Oculus Quest!

The previous PlayStation Exclusive is heading Meta-ward! Finally, Marvel’s Iron Man VR on Oculus Quest! Superhero fans around the world can rejoice.

Check out the official trailer!

On November 3rd, take on the role of everybody’s favorite metal superhero in Iron Man VR on Oculus Quest! The game will finally be available on the Meta platform of VR headsets.

You can wishlist it now on the official Oculus store listing. Not only will you get to don the Iron Man suit, but you’ll be able to explore Tony’s wide arsenal of gadgets.

Players will be able to soar through the air, and immerse themselves in a made-for-virtual-reality Iron Man story! The experience is built from the ground up for VR.

You’ll even be able to upgrade your weapons and armor. Tinkering them as you see fit! There are even global leaderboards to challenge other players in.

Take down your foes with the iconic Repulsor Blasts and other popular attacks! You’ll be up against the illusive Ghost, and her army of evildoers.

For anyone missing MARVEL Powers United VR, this game is perfect. On top of that, the story is well-written, and the visuals are breathtaking! It’s an experience like no other.

This isn’t the only Marvel-related gaming news! On the other side of the metaverse, Niantic is working on an augmented reality game, MARVEL World Of Heroes.

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