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NBA All-World Arena Tournaments Have Started!

Following the soft launch, the NBA All-World Arena Tournaments have begun! If you haven’t already, download Niantic’s latest game and get ready for some basketball action!

In the Arena Tournaments, you’ll compete against ballers from around the world to earn different rewards—and dominate the leaderboard.

This Arena Tournament is called the “Weekend One-and-Done” and is presumably the game’s first Arena Tournament. It started this Friday and will last until Monday.

  • Duration: Friday, October 7th 12:00PM PDT to Monday, October 10th 12:00PM PDT.

It seems that, unlike Niantic’s other titles, this one isn’t set in local time. Players will need to win 5 first-to-5 tournament games before losing.

All (basketball) players are eligible for this tournament, however, they can only be used once! Rewards include cred, energy boosts, cash, and tournament rings.

Along with this, there will also be a Weekly Center Challenge as part of the Arena Tournaments. The rules for this tournament are 3 first-to-3 tournament games before losing.

The only (basketball) players that are eligible are centers. Rewards are similar, cred, energy boosts, cash, and tournament rings.

Not sure what NBA All-World is? Read all about Niantic’s upcoming basketball game here. There is no official list of the countries the game has released, however, we can confirm Australia is one of them.

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