Get ready for the Halloween spirit with the Orna RPG The Hallowed event and quest line! Celebrate all things spooky and find out the truth behind Pumpkinhead!

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In the latest Halloween Update for Orna RPG comes The Hallowed quest line and more! For a full run-down of changes and event features, you can read the official post.

This event is a huge change from saving the world from dragons, and portals to the underworld. Instead, you’ll be on a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt!

You’ll be battling against Pumpkinhead and his horde of minions! Battling against these enemies will reward you with unique, Halloween-themed items to collect as part of the scavenger hunt.

The pumpkin pail monsters will show up at all times of the day, and dropped items are of “common” rarity.

Want to know what else the Orna RPG developers have been up to? They’re actually releasing a standalone game in the Orna universe!

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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