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Exciting Pokémon GO Litwick Community Day On October 15th!

The upcoming October event has been announced. The Pokémon GO Litwick Community Day will be happening later this month on the 15th! Get your balls ready!

Read the official announcement on Twitter!

This event is in theme with Halloween, and will celebrate the much-loved candle ghost Pokémon, Litwick!

As part of the event, Litwick will appear more frequently in the wild, and the Shiny spawn rate is increased. There’s also a little bonus if you evolve Litwick during the event or up to five hours after!

Along with this, there’ll also be a special Timed Research event—you can earn up to five free Unova Stones!

Just like the other Community Day events, there’ll also be a Special Research story—a quest line available for USD $1.00 (or equivalent).

For an entire run down on the Pokémon GO Litwick Community Day event, you can head over to the official website. Niantic has a full list of event features you can look forward to!

We hope everyone has a fun and exciting spooky time with the Community Day! Never want to miss an augmented reality gaming news update again? Follow us on Twitter and join our weekly newsletter!

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