Get ready for the new character class, as Orna summoner sprites are available now in the game store! The new player avatars have a nice spooky aesthetic to them, with skulls.

Check out the official announcement!

This news comes hand-in-hand with the release of Orna Riftfall and the new summoner class. It’s also a great way to celebrate the upcoming Halloween!

If you’re feeling stylish, you can head over to Orna’s in-game shop and get your character decked out with this fit.

The developers have been busy. They’re also working on a standalone RPG set in the Orna universe, known as Hero of Aethric.

The Orna summoner sprites are only just one part of Orna Riftfall. This huge content update has also brought along new content, and even a reworked fishing system!

If you haven’t heard of Orna RPG before, you should head over to the official website and give it a go!

It draws inspiration from Pokémon GO, blending the geolocation/augmented reality formula in with old-school RPG elements. It’s a love letter to classic RPGs like Dragon Quest and Tibia.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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