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Ingress October To December Event Summary Is Available Now!

The 2022 Ingress October To December Event Summary is available now on the game’s official website! Interested in the upcoming events and updates?

Check out the official announcement!

The Ingress developers, Niantic, have taken to Twitter to announce their new slew of events for the rest of the year. You can read more details on the official website.

Some of these activities will require registration prior over at Fev Games. Some of these plans events are still to be announced (at a future date).

It also includes the titular Mission Day Yokohoma and Epiphany Dawn Anomaly. Both are occurring in December.

It’s amazing to see Niantic still support their original game, Ingress Prime, so enthusiastically. Especially in light of the announcement of other new titles, like Peridot.

The Ingress October to December Event lineup will definitely breathe more life into the game. If you haven’t tried out the augmented reality/geolocation classic, you should!

Ingress Prime is free-to-play, and without it―we wouldn’t have Pokémon GO. So, if you’re on the fence, go back and see where the AR gaming trend started!

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