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Exciting Niantic Superhero Marvel Game Releases in 2023!

Get your vigilante on to take on villains in the Niantic Superhero Marvel game coming out next year! This new title from the famed Pokémon GO developers will have you creating your own hero and patrolling your neighbourhood.

Check out the official announcement trailer!

“Foil crimes, and team up with your friends as well as iconic Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine to save the Multiverse!”

With the superhero craze still ongoing, a create-your-own-hero game sounds like a dream. Making it augmented reality, too? Sounds like bliss.

The Niantic Marvel Superhero game, known as Marvel World of Heroes, was announced at the recent Disney Game Showcase at the D23 2022 Expo. You can check out all the announcements on the official website.

This is just one of Niantic’s many upcoming game projects, which also include an NBA game and the Tamagotchi-esque Peridot.

It looks like Niantic is continuing to throw ideas at a wall, and seeing what sticks. In terms of IP recognition, Marvel is as close as it gets to the success of Pokémon.

If the company is looking to recreate the success of Pokémon GO, Marvel World of Heroes definitely looks like it has a chance.

Marvel World of Heroes’ Lead Game Designer, Neil Melville, and the Senior Producer, Lyza Faylona, granted some insight into the game over on the Niantic official website.

The interview doesn’t delve too deep, but gives us an idea of how the game plays. The biggest takeaway is definitely the character creation system.

Apparently, it takes from MMORPG games with a wide range of options to allow for players to express themselves—there’ll be a range of body types, gender options, so it’s a huge plus for inclusion!

To learn more and sign-up for beta access, head over to the Marvel World of Heroes official website. You should also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date with all things augmented reality!

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