Promo Art for Orna Riftfall

Orna Riftfall is out now just in time for the start of September! This new update brings in a wide range of new changes, quality of life additions, as well as a brand-new class to the game!

Check out the tweet announcement!

This Orna Riftfall update is coming hot off the news following a new game set in the same universe. The developers of Orna RPG are really kicking things into full steam, and the future looks bright.

This September content update brings in a new classline—the summoner. You’ll need to seek out Horus to find out more! Along with this, there’s the new playable content: Riftfall.

The developers also gave the core engine for Orna a rewrite. This means snappier response time and better performance! Wish some other augmented reality games would follow suit—focusing on improving performance.

They’ve also added in a new building—the Appraiser, and changed up the fishing experience! To find out more, check out the official Orna RPG website.

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By Camellia Hao Ren

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