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House of the Dragon AR Game—DracARys Out Now!

House of the Dragon AR Game Promo Art

Become a dragon rider and live out your Game of Thrones fantasies with the House of the Dragon AR Game, DracARys! This free app lets you raise and command your own pet dragon.

Watch the official trailer now!

Now everyone can be a Daenerys Targaryen with their own personal dragon! This game is free-to-play and is available for both: Google Play and iOS App Store. It is powered by Niantic’s Lightship AR development platform.

Want to find out more about the House of the Dragon AR title? Head over to the official DracARys website! It allows players to grow and raise their own, responsive dragon.

What makes this game so interesting, is that every dragon is unique to the user. It genuinely creates you a one-of-a-kind, personal winged friend. As it grows, its behavior and personality will develop depending on the player.

Even the food you can feed the dragon will be dependent on the player’s location. This game really takes full utilization of the augmented reality aspect! You can even summon and command your new pet with voice control.

Pumped for the new Game of Thrones spin-off?

So—do you get to pick a dragon? Actually, yes you do! You’ll take a portal to Westeros, and actually steal an egg. There’ll be a range of color and sheen options, which will impact the dragon’s growth.

When your dragon reaches the adult stage, it’ll take to the skies! (Don’t worry, it’ll still be yours and come back.) You’ll be able to see other players full-grown dragons roaming the globe and skies, too.

The House of the Dragon AR: DracARys game is exciting. It’s one of the new augmented reality titles to come out of Niantic’s Lightship program, and takes full use of the technology.

You can even take your dragon on cute walks and a leisurely stroll! This is the perfect way to fuel your hype for the new Game of Thrones spin-off series.

Also, how can you not love the punny title? DracARys! If you want to stay up to date with all things augmented reality, you should follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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