Go Fest Finale 2022 Promotion Art

Get your backpack on and your Pokéballs ready! Are your Pokémon ready for all-out battle and adventure? Because… The 2022 GO Fest Finale is happening later this month!

Not sure how to grab a ticket? Check out this tweet!

With all the hype surrounding the Pokémon GO World Championships, it’s easy to forget that there’s a massive event coming to celebrate the end of this year’s GO Fest! When is it? How do you join?

The GO Fest Finale 2022 will be happening later this month, on August 27th, Saturday. It’ll be running from 10AM to 6PM (in your local time). It’ll be available for trainers around the world!

Also: If you already had a ticket to the earlier GO Fest 2022 events, this one is entirely free! No need to grab another ticket.

Check out the cute Finale event stickers!

If you don’t end up buying a ticket ($US 10.99 from the in-game shop), there’ll also be free festivities to enjoy. This includes special avatar items, and a short research story!

For people who have a GO Fest Finale ticket – there’s even more to enjoy!

Some of the event fun include:

  • For the first time, you’ll be able to find a Shiny Unown X and N.
  • Obtain free daily raid passes from spinning Photo Discs at Gyms.
  • Earn an extra free 5,000 EXP from Raids!
  • First-time ever, three-part exclusive paid Research Story questline.
  • And more!

For a full run-down of the GO Fest Finale features and content, check out the official post on the Pokémon GO blog!

Not sure how to buy a ticket? We’ve got you covered! Just head over to the in-game shop in Pokémon GO. This will require opening up the app.

Then, all you need to do is tap on the Buy button! Anyone who purchases the ticket will also receive a free medal for your Trainer’s profile.

We hope everyone has a great time! Just remember to stay safe, practice social distancing, and be aware of your surroundings!

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By Camellia Hao Ren

Camellia Hao Ren is an Australian journalist and editor. When they aren't writing, they are usually playing games or reading.

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