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Free Pokémon GO Shirt Giveaway for World Championships 2022!

Free Pokémon GO Shirt Giveaway Promo Art

Want to deck out your trainer avatar? Best of all—it’s free! As part of the World Championships 2022 event, there is a free Pokémon GO shirt giveaway to celebrate the tournament!

You can go ahead and redeem the code on Niantic’s official website! The code is valid through until August 22nd, 2022—so just until later this month. Make sure to get it done by 11:59 PM!

Wondering what else Niantic is doing to celebrate Pokémon GO’s debut at the World Championships event? They’ve been giving out special, exclusive codes on their twitch streams!

The free Pokémon GO shirt giveaway looks great. The design is elegant, it makes us wish there were a physical version to buy! It definitely beats out some other logo shirts available in the game.

Niantic’s Pokémon GO is still going strong 6 years later. It usually dominates the top 10 charts for mobile revenue, and the game’s events are always packed with players.

Are you still playing? Let us know in the comments! Niantic has been very up-and-down recently, however, they’ve always done an amazing job developing Pokémon GO.

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